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Credit Counseling

Recent economic troubles have hit everyone hard. Even for people who have recovered their income since the recession, many still have outstanding credit card debts and other credit issues. Moreover, your credit history can stay with you for a long time. Late payments...

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Credit Consolidation

Many consumers have problems tracking their various debts. We live in an age where nearly everyone has some kind of debt that needs to be resolved, and many consumers find themselves overwhelmed with the process of keeping up with due dates, much less finding the cash...

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Can I Consolidate My Debt with Bad Credit?

Oftentimes people who are interested in consolidating their debt want to do so in order to save or boost their credit score. While consolidation is a great option even if you aren’t having trouble keeping up with your payments, the fact remains that most people don’t...

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Borrowing from Your 401(k)

When you’re facing debt from credit card bills, medical costs, or other sources, it can be tempting to look for any money you can access to get out of debt as fast as possible. Many workers in America have a 401(k) retirement account through their workplace. These...

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401(k) Debt Consolidation

With all the uncertainty in the modern economy, anyone can find themselves facing a debt problem. Many people currently having trouble with their debts have been working their whole lives. Frequently, these people have a 401(k) account through their jobs, which is to...

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Credit Scores and Debt Consolidation

Many people choose the option of consolidating their credit card debt into one affordable loan. In many cases, debt consolidation is a smart move on several fronts. If done correctly, debt consolidation can roll multiple high-interest credits cards into one...

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How to Consolidate Your Debt

Due to the continued increased cost of living, stagnated wages, and other life circumstances, many people may need to rely on credit cards and other forms of debt to finance their daily lives. Unfortunately, this often leads to the accumulation of a lot of different...

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